A Mountain Territory



We prove it is possible to be the largest ski area in the world while still respectfully cohabiting with the natural world, in fact, treasuring it as our most precious asset. Majestic peaks, larch forests, ice waterfalls, snowy valleys, charming dells, alpine hamlets, alpine fauna; our territory contains all the best of the Alps condensed into one valley, ideal for a change of scenery or a journey of discovery.

Holidaying in the Méribel Valley gives access to a multitude of experiences that combine nature with the great outdoors. Cross-country skiing on one of the skating or classic tracks (a total of 50 kilometres), biathlon, ski touring to the Col du Souffre or on one of the valley’s permanent ski-touring routes, a tour of the Aiguille du Fruit on snowshoes, mountaineering, ski joëring at the riding centre, sleigh rides through the forest, sledging and snake sledding … there’s so much to discover.


Méribel is not just a ski resort but a true alpine village that continues to live and shape its own history, that of its architecture, leisure activities, traditions, gastronomy, adventures, and the art of good living. Méribel respects its environment and heritage, and shares its culture with those who come to seek it.