Outdoor Experience Thematic - 15 to 28 August 2020


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2 weeks to enjoy wide outdoors

With a breathtaking setting, in the heart of nature,
the diversity of outdoor activities is incredible, why not enjoying it ?

Whether the weather is sunny or windy, enjoy the fresh
mountain air, lakes, valley trails...

In the Slow Travel spirit, take the time to discover, 
find the pleasure to immerse yourself in the places, the nature, to exchange, to share.



From the 17th to the 30th of August, with the fortnight Outdoor Experience theme, let put the spotlight on the outdoor activities rhythming theses weeks !


Fancy a quick peek at the activities on offer ?

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  • Outdoor Pilates & Zumba classes
    Into a good atmosphere with music, come and participate in Pilates and Zumba classes outdoor.

  • Getting closer to animals
    We are not alone in the nature, come and enjoy man's best friends with cani-hiking, horses walks, or even conferences on travelling with dogs.

  • Giant barbecue
    Méribel invites you to enjoy a large outdoor barbecue to which all of you are invited ! There will be a paragliding show and a music group to spend a festive and friendly time.

  • Nature and water days
    Discover the secrets and treasures of our water with a discovery and introduction to fly fishing in lake and an exploration of the rivers with a dowser's rod activity.

  • Activities in the mountains
    With the guides' office and the Méribel quad club, go into the mountains on foot, on ropes, on a quad...

  • Archery
    Sharpen your senses by learning and training in archery.

  • Films & Conferences
    With our guests, discover the films of their experiences (invention of freestyle) or expeditions in wide outdoors of this world (Greenland or Himalaya).





Thursday, 20 February 2020

Everest Green Film and Conference

Everest Green is a project that aims to collect waste on the roof of the world, bring it down, recycle it, or even bring it back to Franc...
Thursday 20 February 2020 between 6 pm and 7.30 pm.


Tuesday, January 21


Trend of the day to 700m Altitude

Weather forecastTuesday 21 January 2020

Visibility : Poor visibility
17 km/h -7°C 1450m
24 km/h -17°C 2700m
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Weather forecastWednesday 22 January 2020

Visibility : Perfect visibility
17 km/h -8°C 1450m
17 km/h -13°C 2700m
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Weather forecastThursday 23 January 2020

Visibility : Perfect visibility
12 km/h -1°C 1450m
15 km/h -9°C 2700m
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