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Raise your eyes to the skies and you will have the chance to admire some of the most impressive aerial diplays and to discover flying machines of all kinds.

Created in 1980, Méribel’s Festival is returning this summer, to the delight of aviation and aeronautical enthusiasts. For more than 10 years, it has welcomed some of the world's most famous astronauts and military pilots - European, French, American and Russian – and delighted thousands of holidaymakers. This year, it celebrates some of the events of 1969 that made aerospace history: the launch of the Boeing 747, Concorde’s first flight, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 mission, and Peter Conrad and Alan Bean’s Apollo 12 mission.


Festival aviation méribel 02

Each day of the festival will commemorate a major event :

The 50th anniversary of the Boeing 747 and Concorde on Friday, July 19th, and the Apollo missions on Saturday, July 20th. Each of these topics will be covered through screenings, lectures and debates.

The highlight of the show, on Sunday, July 21st, will be held at the Altiport, a superb air show assembling historic aircraft, world level aerobatic pilots and aircraft, extraordinary ultralight aircraft, helicopters (now essential for daily life in the mountain). Among the personalities appearing in the Festival will be astronauts past and present, pilots who flew or still fly 747s, Concorde pilots and cabin crew, and witnesses to aeronautic history including journalists, filmmakers and authors.


 Friday 19 of July

 Saturday 20 of July

 Sunday 21 of july

2.30pm Méribel Auditorium,
2 talks / conferences
50 years of Boeing 747
50 years of Concorde
10:30 am: Pilots' aerobatic training in the sky
Anniversary date of the first man on the moon.
18-20h : Aperitif and meeting with the pilots
8:30 pm Conference Audito:''Apollo 11, 50 years old''

Air meeting featuring historic aircraft,
world-class aerobatic planes and pilots,
helicopters, extraordinary ultralight aircraft...




Tuesday, January 21


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