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  • Vanoise National Park
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Walking paths of all lengths and grades await you! Discover the flora, fauna and ecology or even glaciology with our guides. On a half-day or full-day walk, they will be delighted to explain everything that you see around you.

Set out at your own rhythm, cross the Tuéda Nature Reserve, between the Tuéda lake and Gébroulaz glacier and en route visit Robert Perret’s dairy, above the Tuéda lake. Enjoy a cheese-tasting session and make sure to try his Beaufort des Alpages!

The Vanoise National Park rangers will be pleased to share with you their expertise during themed outings, covering the forest, the nature reserve and the Alpine pastures.

Local guides also organise gourmets outings to discover edible and medicinal plants. On these half-day trips, you will learn the plants’ properties and how to use them in your cooking. You will enjoy a little tasting for every plant you discover!

Local Heritage is celebrated in "Tell me your history" outings which, over half a day, tell the history of the valley through visits to the must-see parts of the valley (ancient sawmill, watermills, church and chapels etc).

And if you would like to see some marmots during your stay, there is even a special marmot outings!

Finally, our guides can offer you an exclusive outing – at night time! You will set out at sunset on a short walk, returning with the aid of head torches! This fun outing guarantees a unique atmosphere.

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Tuéda Nature reserve

Vanoise National Parc



Young and old alike will marvel at the many wonderful things to discover in the Vanoise National Park during their stay in the mountains.

Hiking in Vanoise - With a private instructor

Hiking in the Parc de la Vanoise permits you to cross mythical passes, see marmotts, ibex and chamois, admire the edelweiss and the vanil...
From 01/06 to 31/10, daily.

Walk Up from Méribel - Tougnète Summit

Starting point: the Centre of Meribel. At Chaudanne you can either take a cable car Tougnète 1 and a chair lift Tougnète 2, or by foot.
From 01/06 to 30/11.

Subject to snow conditions.

The Bather's Path

Track from Les Allues to Brides-les-Bains, departure from les Allues. To return, take a bus in front of the Brides-les-Bains Tourist Offi...
From 01/05 to 30/11.

Subject to snow conditions.

Méribel Valley Discovery

Alpine Randonnée invites you to discover the Méribel Valley. For more information on other outings and in case of cancellation, please co...
From 01/07 to 01/09/2019, every Wednesday between 9 am and 5 pm.

The Animal Path

Start Point : Altiport, follow signs towards Les Rhodos. Allongside this marked path is a game to learn about animals. Clues and images...
All year round.

Mountain Walk "Morning in the Vanoise National Park"

"The world belongs to those who rise early". Your guide offers you a morning walk to make the most of the cool of the morning and enjoy a...
Tuesday 20 August 2019 at 5 am.

Tuesday 27 August 2019 at 5 am.

Torchlight Descent

Night walk and torchlight descent. With Alpine Randonnée.
From 01/07 to 01/08/2019, every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9 pm.

From 02/08 to 01/09/2019, every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8.30 pm.

Hiking "Mont Coua Lakes"

Find some magnificent glacial lakes at the heart of the Vanoise National Park, in the Meribel valley. Area Chamois and Bouquetins, a plac...
From 29/06 to 16/08/2019, daily at 7 am.

From 17/08 to 31/08/2019, daily at 7 am.

Walking Trail Refuge du Saut through les Ramées

Move forward to the direction of Lac de Tuéda. Take the direction of Refuge du Saut, 50 m after the last garages on your right, then bypa...
From 01/06 to 30/09.

Mountain walk: In a Lost Corner of the Mountains

Enjoy the unusual experience of a night-time walk and share a convivial break in a mountain chalet. Spend the evening in a hidden corner ...
Tuesday 9 July 2019 between 6.45 pm and 11 pm.

Tuesday 16 July 2019 between 6.45 pm and 11 pm.

Wednesday 28 August 2019 between 6.45 pm and 11 pm.

Dates to be confirmed.

Hiking "Breathtaking view"

Hiking at the crests of the Cross Jean-Claude. After a climb through the hunting reserve through rhodos and blueberries, we will reach a ...
From 01/06 to 17/08/2018, daily at 9.30 AM.

From 18/08 to 31/08/2018, daily at 9.30 AM.

From 01/09 to 30/09/2018, daily at 9.30 AM.

The Village circuit

Departure either from Meribel, next to the Mussillon Communal Oven, or Les Allues. Starting point in Les Allues is the shuttle stop in th...
From 01/05 to 30/11.

Subject to snow conditions.

Mountain walk: lakes, summits and man

Discover the mountain environment in the company of a professional. This Vanoise National Park-organised walk is accessible to all who wi...
Tuesday 2 July 2019 between 8.30 am and 5 pm.

From 06/07 to 31/08/2019, daily between 8.30 am and 5 pm.

Hiking tour: Groundhogs and Glacier

Discover an old glacial valley, walk near the groundhogs and under the glaciers of the Vanoise National Park. A nice way to study the evo...
From 29/06 to 31/08, daily at 8.30 am.

A mountain walk: At the foot of the tree

Trees and forests coexist and communicate. Try to understand them. Relaxing outing at the foot of the trees. On reservation.
Tuesday 9 July 2019 between 2 pm and 5 pm.

Friday 19 July 2019 between 2 pm and 5 pm.

A Chalet under the stars

Original atmosphere of an evening stroll! At the end of the stroll we arrive at a mountain chalet where a tasty snack is waiting for us! ...
Wednesday 3 July 2019 at 6.45 pm.

From 06/07 to 31/08/2019, daily at 6.45 pm.

Guides office

Summer : hiking in mountain, alpinist, canyoning, rock climbing, glacier hiking, via ferrata.
From 05/07 to 30/08/2019 between 9 am and 7 pm.
Closed on Saturday.
Booking at the guide office in the Méribel Tourist Office.

Terres d'Evasion

Day hikes with different themes for each outing: " Discover a new valley with a breathtaking view", "Off the beaten track", or " From the...
All year round.

Walking trail down the river - The Doron fun park

Starting point: the Centre of Méribel. At Chaudanne passe between the two cable cars and go up along the torrent. To get down, cross the ...
From 01/05 to 30/11.

Subject to snow conditions.

Blossoming Road

from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm. Alpine Randonnée invites you to discover the beauty of the Alpine Flora. Altitude difference 200m. ...
From 01/07 to 01/09/2019
Opening hours on Tuesday between 9 am and 12 pm and between 2 pm and 5 pm.

Green Loop Tuéda

Starting point: Meribel-Mottaret, from the parking of Plan Ravet, at the entrance of the natural reserve Plan de Tuéda.
All year round.
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