The Valley is brimming with aerial activities:

  • You can reach new heights thanks to Méribel's Air Club, created in 1964. Explore the resort from the air with one of the Club’s expert pilots. Take your seat in one of our little red aircraft for a flight around the valley. You can spy your favourite piste or your chalet or apartment from the sky! Thrills and magnificent scenery are guaranteed. Why not put aside your mountain bike and try flying instead? Comfortably seated in your plane, you are sure to enjoy a unique experience!
  • Alternatively, take off with a paraglider, hot air balloon or glider. See the various schools for details. 


Saturday, February 23

Summer season is coming !

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Weather forecastSaturday 23 February 2019

Visibility : Poor visibility
9 km/h -2°C 1450m
10 km/h -5°C 2700m
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SlopesSaturday 23 February 2019

Slopes Green
0 / 8
Slopes Blue
0 / 26
Slopes Red
0 / 23
Slopes Black
0 / 7
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