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Paragliding in Méribel

“Free flight is all about discovering the true beauty of our planet by working with the elements.

– Laurent from Tandem Top.


Fly over Méribel and the 3 Valleys in a two-seater paraglider with professional pilots with over 20 years’ experience. Discover incomparable views and a unique experience!

For a foretaste of this fabulous adventure in the skies, take a look at the article “I tried paragliding” :

Fly Over 3 Vallées 🪂

Fly over les 3 Vallées

Une expérience véritablement extraordinaire pour contempler les paysages de Méribel, oscillant entre montagnes, forêts et rivières.

Flying is an indescribable sensation. The wind becomes master of our itinerary and everything becomes magical. Faced with the majestic peaks, we are overcome with plenitude.

Why fly in Méribel?

Méribel is renowned for its exceptional sunshine and flying conditions. With its picturesque buildings, vast forests and iconic sites such as the Vanoise National Park, the landscape is breath-takingly beautiful. From the heights, you’ll enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view, taking in the majestic Mont-Blanc, the famous 3 Vallées, and even the town of Moûtiers, depending on the altitude of your flight.

What’s more, there’s plenty of wildlife to spot in the area, including red deer, roe deer and majestic eagles. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of vultures from the Maurienne.

When can I paraglide in the Savoie?

Paragliding can be enjoyed all year round. However, to ensure safe flying, the right weather conditions are essential.

Before you join your instructors, they will check that flying conditions are suitable: calm to moderate wind, clear visibility, no precipitation and stable atmospheric conditions.

Flying is not possible if the wind is too light or too strong or if there is a risk of thunderstorm.  If conditions are not suitable, your flight will be postponed to a later date.

Who can paraglide?

Adults and children aged seven or above may paraglide. For winter flights, you need to be able to ski a green slope. Snowboarders will need to have a more advanced level.

It is recommended that participants weigh at least 30kg so they can enjoy the best experience. The paragliding equipment used for tandem flights is subject to rigorous standards, with canopies measuring between 37 and 44m². These canopies are capable of carrying a total weight in flight of between 130 and 230kg, so can carry passengers of all builds.


What will happen on the day of the flight?

A paragliding flight with one of Méribel’s professional pilots is an exciting and safe experience that will allow you to discover the beauty of the French Alps. It is a good idea to book this activity in advance on the companies’ websites.

    🌥️ Arrival on the summit: Your adventure usually begins with a welcome from the team of professional paraglider pilots. They’ll give you all the information you need about the flight, safety instructions and answer any questions you may have.

    🌥️ Preparation: After the briefing, you will be fitted with a paraglider harness and helmet. Experienced instructors will ensure that your equipment is correctly adjusted and secured before take-off.

    🌥️ Flight: Your experienced instructors will fly the paraglider, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the experience in complete safety.

    🌥️ Landing: The landing is handled by the pilot; all you have to do is lift your legs in order to touch down gently in the landing area.


What should I wear?

🌻  Flying in summer: We recommend that you dress warmly, except in very hot weather when a jumper and anorak are sufficient, and that you wear sturdy footwear (mountain boots or trainers). We don’t recommend wearing shorts because of the wind chill. You will be provided with a helmet at the top of the mountain, and this is compatible with sunglasses or prescription glasses. You will be able to take photos during the flight with your camera.

❄️ Flying in winter: Come dressed in your ski clothing, with your helmet and goggles. Bring your skis or snowboard too.