Relax, unwind and indulge yourself!
Laetitia offers you a unique experience in your home using massage, beauty therapies and guidance for wellness, and to free your energies and promote healing.

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My name is Laetitia and I have been a holistic massage therapist for over ten years.

I love nothing more than helping people unwind, relax and feel rejuvenated, alert and self-aware!

All you have to do is lie back and let yourself go to the sound of relaxing music, while I attend to the aches in your body. I slowly work to release any tension, leaving you full of energy from head to toe.

My team offers you moments of rest and relaxation. We use quality oils (certified organic) and we bring with us all the equipment required, including massage table and products.

We use organic and eco-friendly cosmetic products by Ecocert and CosmeBio.

The essential oils that I use reinforce the beneficial effects of massage thanks to their high quality: they are natural and high in energy; their composition combines algae and cereals; they are enriched with vitamins, trace elements and plant extracts as well as vegetable oils rich in omega 3, 6 and 9.

One of these oils, used for millennia in Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions, balances vital energy with its phyto-energetic components. Thanks to the variety of products on offer, it is possible to choose those which are most appropriate, taking into account the current season.

The multiple effects of the second range relate more specifically to oxidative aging. Thanks to their active molecules, when used for massages, these products deeply moisturize, firm, smooth and tone the epidermis and also provide it with essential minerals.

These energy treatments use the ancient knowledge of energy-medicines (used in particular in Chinese medicine) and prove to be remarkably effective.
The products are made above the small village of Fleurier, in the heart of the Swiss mountains, in a protected and unspoiled environment.

If you are pregnant or prefer to avoid essential oils, I can offer you a range of products that are free of them but which have similar beneficial effects on aging, thanks to the hyaluronic acid and calcium they contain. Your skin will be soothed, softened and protected in the same way.

In order to perfect the effectiveness of my well-being massages, I use a brand of cosmetics known worldwide for its exceptional cosmetic, energising, natural and holistic qualities.

A mountain of well-being at your fingertips

- Tailor-made massage
- Californian massage
- Swedish massage / deep tissue
- Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage
- Ayurvedic massage
- Semi-precious stone massage
- Candle massage
- Relaxing massage
- Energising massage
- Draining massage
- Slimming massage
- Reflexology

FACIAL TREATMENTS BASED ON CHINESE ENERGY at home in Courchevel / Méribel / Val Thorens

- Detox treatment
- Gold treatment
- Five seasons facial treatment
- Eye treatment
- Relaxing face massage

- Energising and balancing treatment

- Zen Lotus scrub
- Firming chest treatment

- Exfoliation + Body wrap + Massage
- Phyto 5 facial treatment + Back massage
- Exfoliation + Tailor-made massage

Tailor-made packages available on request

I also offer psycho-energetic care using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or Emotion Liberation Technique), a technique for managing stress and anxiety.
Through gentle stimulation of certain specific points on the meridian paths, the disturbing emotional charge of negative emotions (anxiety, phobias, annoyance, fear, sadness, anger, etc.) is soothed.

This will allow you to face life’s difficulties in a serene and fulfilled way* and develop in self-confidence.

Massages and beauty treatments at home by appointment

I offer tailor-made treatments all year round and come to your home.
Please book your treatment as early as possible, especially for the Christmas and Near Year period and the school holidays.
However, if my schedule allows it, I can be at your place within 2 hours for a relaxing massage or beauty treatment.

You can contact me either by email via my Contact page, or by phone on 06 50 00 39 12, or by WhatsApp.

I cannot answer the phone when I am with a client, but I will call you back as soon as possible once I have heard your message. Don't forget to leave a phone number where I can reach you and your name.

I will come to you at your hotel, chalet, residence, apartment or home.

You will find more information about my services on my website:

Quotations on request.

Extra services at home in Courchevel / Méribel / Val Thorens

In addition to my skills as a beautician and wellness masseuse, I am trained in techniques that stimulate a dynamic process of self-healing.

- Magnétism using pair of magnets (Dc Goiz)

- ARC Analysis and Cellular Reformation
This is an original method to free oneself from old repetitive patterns, memories or limiting beliefs in order to find the origin of your illnesses or bodily ailments and promote lasting well-being. This allows you to develop your intuition and natural gifts, and rediscover your joie de vivre.

I am also qualified to lead group relaxation and sophrology sessions.

I found my path in life during my many travels in search of meaning, new cultures and different languages, following in the footsteps of my childhood when I used to stroke my fingers over the faces of my loved ones in order to soothe them.

The treatments I offer are in no way medical or erotic.

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