CONCEPT: everything begins with a desire found in our hearts. It must then be written on a piece of paper that will deliver the message. Writing something is materializing something. The last step consists in hanging it on a "Wishing Tree". The wishes fly in the wind, like spring leaves, mixing everyone's most cherished desires with the magic of time. Legend has it that once you hang on to a tree, your wish comes true. The Wishing trees are magical. They carry dreams and a lot of happiness.

Arbre à Voeux GB


Following our major competition Méribel Inspired By You, you were asked if amongst all the activities on offer, we hadn’t missed out another dream…Discover all your dreams on Méribel’s Tree of Wishes. Click on the categories below and find your wish. Know that, all your dreams can come true. Méribel the Magician sprinkled this tree with magic dust to make them alive.

As promised, some of you will be receiving goodies for participating in this wishing tree…

"INCEPTION" mode: a game within a game, with a GoPro to win…Take a picture of yourself with the goodies andwe will be given to the best shot of one of our GoPro !


Tuesday, September 17


Trend of the day to 4100m Altitude

Weather forecastTuesday 17 September 2019

Visibility : Poor visibility
6 km/h 13°C 1450m
14 km/h 3°C 2700m
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Weather forecastWednesday 18 September 2019

Visibility : Perfect visibility
7 km/h 13°C 1450m
15 km/h 4°C 2700m
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Weather forecastThursday 19 September 2019

Visibility : Perfect visibility
6 km/h 11°C 1450m
8 km/h 3°C 2700m
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