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That’s it ! You’ve fixed your holiday dates, chosen your destination – your favourite resort – and now comes the question of accommodation and you’re bewildered by the choice. Choosing where to stay is a bit like choosing your main course at a restaurant. The menu has wide and varied options but it’s difficult to imagine what the dishes will actually taste like from their vague descriptions. Whatever it is we’re choosing, we all want to be well informed and not to regret our choice later.

We all have an idea of the levels of comfort and convenience we prefer. Some people want a certain location, perhaps near the slopes or the walking paths, with just a little room to sleep in. Others look for somewhere more comfortable, a cosy hideaway where you can snuggle up after a long day outdoors. Connoisseurs may demand more elegance, spacious and luxurious accommodation with services. In any case, we all want to find a little bit of magic, a holiday home that is a refuge from the world, somewhere that’s completely different but where we still feel at home. We would like an adventure, to escape our usual existence for a week or two, to experience something unique.

As soon as we set down our luggage, our rental accommodation becomes our own place, « our home ». It’s here that we will wake in the mornings for family breakfasts as the sun rises behind the mountains. It’s here that we will cook all the delicious foods we want to sample. It’s on this very sofa we will unwind. It’s in this bed that we will read our favourite book. It’s here we will create memories of our getaway to the mountains.

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Usually, we have a clear idea of what we are looking for. But the real question is : where to look ? There are so many different options open to us that we sometimes become lost and confused – or unfortunately, caught in web scams. Thankfully, reliable establishments, which approve and check all the accommodation on offer, do exist. In Méribel, there is one large website which offers all this: www.meribel.net. The team at Méribel Tourisme offers you one thing guaranteed: security. As well as their regular contact with landlords and estate agents, the team members will also do their utmost to find exactly what you are looking for.

A dedicated service – la Place de Marché – is at your disposal all year round. The Tourist Office is the official gateway to the resort because its team work hand in hand with local businesses and individuals. This goes beyond a simple professional relationship. We work together to create new holiday offers and contribute to the life of this valley which we love and share.

The Tourist Office created its own quality rating, le Label Méribel, to improve standards of comfort. This highlights the quality of accommodation of all sizes, from studios to 16-bed chalets. One of the main attractive features of our valley is the cachet of its original architecture which sets it apart from other resorts. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MÉRIBEL LABEL

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Details are important. Sometimes you simply want accommodation « that reflects your personality ». And we are here to help you find it ! Thanks to our Web Call Back, you will be contacted within 15 minutes by our travel experts who will help you organise your stay. From the initial quote onwards, they will give you careful support to ensure you have all you require to create the most perfect holiday.

As well as accommodation, Méribel offers a vast range of activities to enhance your holiday and make it easier… and everything can be booked ahead of time ! Why not, for example, take advantage of special prices when you book your lift passes with your accommodation ? Or equipment hire, reserved parking spaces, igloo-building, children’s menus, Savoyard fondues, paragliding, Aquazen evenings, pool parties, toddler swim sessions, Aquagym, ski school, freeride courses, ski touring outings, shows, original gift ideas, broomball contests or snow-mobiles

Discover the holiday you have always dreamed of and immerse yourself in Méribel’s holiday atmosphere ! Browse through our beautiful serviced chalets, admire the comfort of our hotels, or create a personal link with our renters….



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