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Méribel, the ski paradise
where the bike reigns supreme

For the past ten years or so, the resort and its mountain bike teams have been actively developing the Bike Park in order to encourage and enable as many riders as possible, whether they be professionals, amateurs who regularly ride two wheels or only ever on holiday or even those who are simply curious to take advantage of the exceptional playground that is the Méribel valley !

The resort of Méribel is lucky to have expert service providers offering accompanied mountain bike tours. Below are two inside of two main instructors Alex Bastien (MCF Méribel School) and Clément Bras (La Trace Verte) & book your VTT activities :  


The “Bike Park” ie the different mountain bike circuits of the Méribel Valley carry the approval of the French Cycling Federation since 1998 (Mountain Bike centre n°85). The different circuits are marked by numbers or names listed according to the difficulty by colour: green, blue, red, black and double black; corresponding respectively to beginner, initiated, advanced, expert and elite levels. The Méribel Bikepark is equipped with: 10 DOWNHILL tracks (DH); 10 ENDURO routes; 4 CROSS-COUNTRY routes (XC) ;and 3 VAE routes (ie suitable for mountain bikes with electric assistance).

► New for 2017 : the Pumptrack, the Ludizone of la Chaudanne, an even easier green track DH1 and blue variants, the renovation of the red DH4 with even more jumps and flow and black variants; 2 new V.A.E routes: 1 green and 1 blue.

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Friends and family

Mountain biking allows you to share with friends or family without counting the cost. Together you can feel the same sensations and create beautiful memories. Conviviality is always present, even when riding alone, cyclists tend to greet other riders that they meet !

Never stop learning

Whether to improve endurance or simply for the pleasure of riding, a bike is easy to handle from the beginning and then there are so many techniques to discover!

And breathe…

Pedalling means freedom! Escape, refresh yourself with an invigorating ride through beautiful settings, clear your head and challenge yourself! And the bike is green… no CO2 emissions on the counter!

Get closer to nature

What could be better than taking part in a different activity on the mountain? Mountain biking plunges one into the heart of the natural environment, you will discover new sensations, new views and sounds and the mountain becomes a completely different playground!

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4DH, enduro, XC, all mountain... what’s it all about ??


► LE DOWNHILL or DH, is downhill mountain biking. It is a whole circuit without having to pedal, just using gravity. The ski lifts facilitate the activity allowing you to descend from great altitudes.

► LE CROSS-CROUNTRY (XC) is a circuit on which it is not necessary to take the ski lifts, everything is done with the strength of the legs... it is pretty much the "classic" mountain biking. The difference is that in the mountains there are other factors that come into play such as altitude or climbs that are a little steeper or longer.

 is a mixture of DH and XC. It means riding uphill a little but with a lighter more versatile bike. The Enduro bike allows you to reach a summit and then have fun going downhill. On an Enduro circuit normally there will be no raised banked turns as on a downhill track, it is generally a more natural path.

 is similar to Enduro but this last discipline has more gravity assisted descent. It is the mountain bike event for everybody.


Lundi 10 Décembre 2018

Summer season is coming !

Trend of the day to 1000m Altitude

Weather forecastMonday 10 December 2018

13 km/h -2°C 1450m
30 km/h -11°C 2700m

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