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Energy Sessions

Sessions to alleviate and soothe mental, tensions, stress and emotions. Provide deep letting go and immediate comfort for immediate and long-term results. Help to put the emotional "backpack" that weighs on you. French session

These energy techniques help to deepen relaxation while allowing a natural rebalancing of vitality.
No need to undress.

TOUCH THERAPEUTIC® Krieger/Kunz Method

Energy travels through the body. It charges all the cells encountered in the process with life. This energy flow can be weakened, sometimes blocked by tensions, injuries, shocks or frustrations. This preventive and curative technique reduces tension and pain, soothes stress and anxiety, slows down the small bicycle that turns in the head... and restores a light and fluid energy circulation.

ACCESS BARS® Gary Douglas Method

The 32-bar technique is an energetic process that allows, by magnetic activation of 32 points located on each side of the head, to gently reduce tensions and emotional blockages. A different relaxing session, which is easy to practice to really let go and accept changes at your own pace.

FACELIFT OF ACCESS™ Facial Lifting Energy Facial
This technique is a hand-applying process where more than 30 energies are executed simultaneously throughout the body, creating a change at the cellular level. This method is distinguished from others by its effect of action from the inside to the outside.
Indeed, the entire body is energetically nourished from within and the results are reflected in the face and body. Just let the energy of this experience pamper you.
This process also identifies the limitations and points of view regarding aging, wrinkles, fatigue and much more, which we often unconsciously maintain.
This gentle, natural, powerful and non-invasive method has an anti-fatigue effect and radiance on the face.


A way to connect to your prenatal energy, your family history.
Light and very soft touch on the vertebral reflex points - located mainly on the feet, but also on the hands and head - which acts at the deep level of the being. This approach provides a very soothing and reassuring feeling. Do not be ticklish on your feet.


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