Périod of opening

From 17/12/2018 to 19/04/2019, daily.


73550 Méribel

T�l: 06 81 71 61 62

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foot reflexology

It is a question of stimulating the reflex points by manual pressures thus favoring the easing of the tensions and the revival of the blood and energetic circulation. Energizes the natural defenses. Relaxing, energetic and anti-stress session. Session in french

Reflexology is used to:
- relax, act on stress and tension,
- improve blood circulation
- to promote the release of nerve impulses,
- help nature to restore balance,
- help to rebalance the energy of the organs.

Practical information: book the period of your stay, the individual appointment will be defined with Emmanuelle, a few days before your arrival.


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