Thursday 29 September 2016
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  • Visibility : Moderate (4 - 10 km)
  • Avalanche risk : 0/5
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2952m - Méribel-Mottaret (Mont Vallon)
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Tourist Office Ranking
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Tourist Office Ranking

Category One

* As part of the French National Tourism Quality Awards,

* And in conformity with our classification as a Category One Tourist Office,

In order to give the best possible advice, service and welcome, Méribel Tourist Office is committed to the following:

> Provide an easily accessible information centre and welcome desk.
> Help you with your needs.
> Provide you with seating facilities.
> Provide free information on local tourist facilities.
> Publicise our opening times in at least two foreign languages.
> Offer you free access to information on Méribel Valley via free wifi.
> Be open at least 305 days per year (including Saturdays and Sundays during the tourist season)
> Reply to your mail throughout the year.
> Provide a permanent reception staffed with speakers of at least two foreign languages.
> Supply paper-based tourist maps and guides.
> Provide access to a trilingual website, designed to be consulted on smartphones.

> Give tourist information in paper form, translated into at least two foreign languages, on the following:
- all rated tourist accommodation, giving the establishment’s name, address, email, website, phone number and rating;
- monuments and tourist sites (cultural, natural or leisure) including prices, opening dates and times, website, phone numbers and address;
- events and entertainment;
- emergency numbers.

> Update tourist information each year.
> Display emergency phone numbers on the exterior of the building.
> Give information on all tourist facilities in the area relevant to every type of client.
> Allow you to check the availability of all rated accommodation.
> Respond to complaints and measure satisfaction levels.
> Offer a tourist information service which integrates new information technology and communication methods (social networks, mobile phones, geolocalisation, etc.). 
> Respect the requirements of the National Quality Tourism Award and classification. 
> Provide the services of a welcome desk advisor.
> Guarantee the reliability and accuracy of local tourist information.